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Obtaining your MC licence in Perth from WestAus Truck Driver Training enables you to drive heavy combination vehicles with more than one trailer. This  opens many career opportunities in various business sectors such as mining, earthmoving, and logistics.

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Multi Combination Truck Driver’s Licence

MC Truck Driver Training Perth

A Multi Combination or MC licence is a great way to start work in the transport and logistics sectors. WestAus Driver Training can help you obtain your MC licence quickly as we offer a range of one-on-one instructed lead truck driver training courses in Perth.

An MC truck licence, also known as a Multi Combination truck licence, allows you to drive trucks with more than one trailer. This includes:

  • B-Doubles
  • Road trains
  • Prime mover, low loader dolly and low loader trailer combinations


The applicant must hold, or have held, an HC or HR Australian licence for a minimum period of 12 months.

You must also:

  • Complete an application form
  • Provide 3 forms of identity (For example: a WA driver’s licence and/or learner’s permit, passport, Medicare, high risk).
  • Pass an eyesight test. The DoT requires all heavy vehicle drivers to pass an eyesight test before commencing any training
  • Complete the required training and assessment
  • Go to the DoT licensing office to upgrade to this licence class

What can I drive with a MC driving license?

  • Once you have been issued your MC Licence, you are legally able to drive any heavy combination unit towing one or more trailers – each having a gross vehicle mass of greater than 9 tonnes.
  • Usually called a B-Double or road train, a common MC (Multi Combination) vehicle is defined as a vehicle towing more than 1 trailer.
  • Holding an MC licence means you are permitted to drive any heavy vehicle.

Road Ranger

This gear box requires the clutch to be used twice to change up or down gears. This is an open class licence that allows you to drive any type of HR vehicles (double clutch).

Synchromesh (Unavailable)

This gearbox is similar to a car gear box with single clutch use to change a gear. This a restricted licence that allows you to drive vehicles with synchromesh gearboxes or automatic gearboxes only (single clutch).


This gearbox is a restricted licence that allows you to drive vehicles with automatic gearboxes only.

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